Our Values

  1. Every feature is a complication and liability.

    In the mechanical watch world, additional features beyond the simple display of hours and minutes are referred to as "complications." We think features should be considered with the same caution when writing software. Not only does each additional feature complicate the software, but they become liabilities. Features become enshrined and removing them is difficult.

  2. The best form of marketing is to make purple cows.

    The world is noisy and traditional advertising is irrelevant. In order to reach customers, a small company like Moonbase can only strive to build remarkable products. The products should always invoke an emotional response from our customers.

  3. Invest heavily in the things that don't go out of style. --Jeff Bezos

    Technology is a continuously changing environment. In order to avoid chasing fads, we should always invest the most in things that are fundamental to our customers. These things will remain fundamental forever.

  4. Make sure our voice is always present.

    As a company grows in size, the original voice is often lost as products move toward the middle. We need to ensure ours stays in place and is carried proudly throughout our products, designs, and copy.

  5. Just enough business, but no more.

    Every aspect of our business should remain simple. The way we make money or how we acquire customers should always be simple to explain. Any contract that complicates the business will be avoided.